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Pathogenic Biofilms: Unlocking Powerful Strategies for The Most Effective Treatment. Part 1

This article is dedicated to the treatment strategy for pathogenic biofilms that may be present in the body, starting from improving the body's condition, breaking down biofilms, cleansing the body from their remnants and toxins, eliminating possible infections caused by biofilms, and, finally, restoring healthy microflora to promote overall body health. All these stages are well known, but it's almost impossible to go through them without encountering various problems. This is due to both ...
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What is the Most Effective Approach to Treating Chronic Lyme Disease?

You can find an article with information about Lyme disease at this link: "Chronic Lyme can look like a lot of illnesses." Once I first heard this phrase from Dr. Klinghardt: Lyme doesn't create specific problems on its own, Lyme simply opens the doors to all other issues. These can include toxins, various infections, allergic reactions, and other problems. Now, I often repeat this phrase myself. This article is dedicated to describing the approach to treating chronic Lyme disease. Ho...
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The Top 7 Reasons to Try Ozone Therapy in Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that impacts the development of social and communicative skills in both children and adults. It is characterized by a range of typical symptoms, including limited interests, repetitive actions, and difficulties in socialization. Autism usually becomes evident in early childhood and varies in severity, making it a spectrum disorder. For some individuals, autism may be hardly noticeable to others, while for others, it might initially go unnoticed, but they...
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Lupus: Everything You Need to Know, Part 2

In the first part of the article, we discussed information useful for those who want to know more about lupus and suspect this issue in themselves or their close ones. Treatment of Lupus: The treatment of lupus should be comprehensive and includes medications that suppress the activity of the immune system. The approach to treatment should be individualized based on the severity of the disease, the organs affected, and the overall condition of the patient. The treatment usually consis...
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How to Treat Chronic Myofascial Pain

If you are constantly experiencing pain, if it prevents you from sleeping at night, this is most likely myofascial nders your sleep at night, it is likely myofascial pain. You may also think you have a headache, although it could also be myofascial pain in nature. Muscle pain or myofascial pain Most people experience muscle pain from time to time. However, with myofascial pain syndrome, the pain is much more prolonged. Myofascial pain syndrome is not the same as muscle spasm, alt...
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Ozone Therapy as a Promising Treatment for Chronic Diseases

Ozone is an active form of oxygen that contains three atoms of oxygen, rather than the two atoms we typically breathe. The clinical use of ozone depends on the concentration and volume applied. Areas of application for ozone: There are three popular areas of application for ozone in alternative medicine: Ozone has strong antimicrobial effects against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.Ozone improves blood circulation and has been used for both external and internal use.The immune syste...
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