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Thyroid Dysfunction and Diagnostic Challenges

There are cases where patients experiencing symptoms potentially related to thyroid dysfunction undergo standard testing for TSH hormone levels, and the results fall within the normal range. This often concludes the examination. It is possible that, for this reason, many individuals in the Canadian province of BC remain undiagnosed for many years. They exhibit symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, yet specialists assure them that everything is fine, relying on the fact that thyroid-stimulatin...
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Gluten-Related Problems are not Limited to Celiac Disease

In recent years, issues related to gluten-free diets have been gaining increasing attention. Some people encounter problems associated with its consumption, undergo tests, identify celiac disease, and eliminate gluten from their diets. Meanwhile, for others, the celiac test comes back negative, and gluten remains an integral part of their diet. But are they right? Let's delve into this topic; in this article, we will explore various issues related to gluten. You've got it right; it's not ju...
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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 2)

How to resolve infertility naturally? It is a natural occurrence that when you are not in optimal health, it becomes challenging to conceive a child. This cannot even be considered infertility; it is your body's way of indicating that it may not be the best time for procreation. Here, I will list some solutions that can help address this issue without resorting to expensive procedures of artificial fertilization. Nutrients needed for conception and pregnancy Many nutrients are...
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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 1)

Infertility is a prevalent issue worldwide, and 1 in 6 individuals globally experience infertility, according to the World Health Organization. However, I want to discuss not only infertility but also the importance of checking the health of prospective parents in advance, even before addressing infertility. Even if there is no infertility issue, if we want to reduce the number of special needs children, the first thing to do is to screen prospective mothers and help them address health iss...
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How To Clean Your House From Mold?

Also read: How to Check for and Eliminate Mold Intoxication It has long been known that the combination of mold illness and Lyme disease complicates treatment. But only now it has become clear that indoor mold complicates the treatment of any problem, even if the mold itself is not the primary cause of these problems. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? CIRS is now the term used for a disease caused by mold exposure. Let's list the possible symptoms of CIRS: V...
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How to Live a Fulfilling Life with Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is not just a skin problem. It is a condition that cannot be compared to other skin disorders because it has an autoimmune nature. Normally, healthy skin cells renew about once a month, but in psoriasis, skin cells rise too quickly and accumulate on top of each other. According to individuals living with psoriasis, their quality of life is comparable to those suffering from diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. These individuals often feel isolated and believe that nob...
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Why is it important to cleanse the body of toxins

What is detox? Detox is the process of mobilizing the body's resources to eliminate toxins. Whether they are metallic or non-metallic, detoxification can be done independently or under the guidance of a specialist. However, specific health issues in the body can hinder the detoxification process. What is chelation? Chelation involves the use of unique chemical compounds to remove metals from the body. It is not effective in eliminating non-metal toxins. Nonetheless, chelation can...
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Acid reflux problem or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

I find myself frequently explaining to people nowadays that the medications they take for heartburn can actually be harmful and do not solve the underlying issue; they merely alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. That's why I decided to write about it separately. It is often challenging for people to accept the fact that something that provides instant relief can pose a real danger. So, let's delve into the matter in detail. What is acid reflux or GERD? At the core of acid reflux is a ma...
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Weight Management Program

In the first part, we discussed what can cause the problem of excess weight. Now, let's discuss what can help you lose weight without negatively affecting your health. Increase Physical Activity As mentioned earlier, the approach to physical activity should be individualized for each specific case. If you have a risk of joint injuries, mountain hiking might not be suitable for you, so it's better to opt for water-based exercises. If you have high blood pressure, running may not be the...
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