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Chronic Urinary Tract Infection: Is Complete Elimination Possible?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common conditions affecting women and men, with acute and chronic forms characterized by various causes and risk factors. Acute cystitis and urethritis are typical examples of quickly treatable infections requiring timely antibiotic intervention. In contrast, chronic infections like chronic cystitis and prostatitis can cause significant discomfort for patients and necessitate prolonged treatment. Biofilms often play a role in the development of such chron...
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Gluten-Related Problems are not Limited to Celiac Disease

In recent years, issues related to gluten-free diets have been gaining increasing attention. Some people encounter problems associated with its consumption, undergo tests, identify celiac disease, and eliminate gluten from their diets. Meanwhile, for others, the celiac test comes back negative, and gluten remains an integral part of their diet. But are they right? Let's delve into this topic; in this article, we will explore various issues related to gluten. You've got it right; it's not ju...
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How to Check for and Eliminate Mold Intoxication

Also read: How To Clean Your House From Mold? The story of recognizing chronic mold mycotoxin intoxication is reminiscent of the story of recognizing chronic Lyme disease. Before 2005, that is, before Hurricane Katrina, only a few specialists discussed this issue, and tests could only be conducted in non-standard testing laboratories. Patients went from one doctor to another, complaining of strange symptoms. They underwent standard laboratory tests, found nothing, and as usual, heard ...
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MTHFR Mutation And Folic Acid

What is methylation? Methylation is a vital fundamental biochemical process in the body, linked to detoxifying heavy metals, regulating gene expression, protein functions, and neurotransmitter synthesis. Imbalances in the methylation process result from genetic defects in enzymes that regulate methylation. In recent years, there has been significant interest in genetic testing, particularly the role of the MTHFR gene. A genetic defect in the MTHFR gene can lead to enzyme MTHFR dysfunc...
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How to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

As of today, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide, affecting both women and men, although it occurs significantly less frequently in men. It's worth noting that in Canada, preventive screenings are only conducted for women aged 50 to 75. In men, breast cancer is typically detected either incidentally or when symptoms are reported. Let's take Canadian statistics as an example. Here are some figures: Breast cancer accounts for 25% of all cancer cases in the cou...
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