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Pathogenic Biofilms: Unlocking Powerful Strategies for The Most Effective Treatment. Part 1

This article is dedicated to the treatment strategy for pathogenic biofilms that may be present in the body, starting from improving the body's condition, breaking down biofilms, cleansing the body from their remnants and toxins, eliminating possible infections caused by biofilms, and, finally, restoring healthy microflora to promote overall body health. All these stages are well known, but it's almost impossible to go through them without encountering various problems. This is due to both ...
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Chronic problems with palatine tonsils and adenoids

What are palatine tonsils? Palatine tonsils, or simply tonsils, are lymphatic formations located in the back of the throat. Tonsils play a crucial role in the immune system's function. They act as a barrier, protecting our body from microorganisms that enter our respiratory tract from the external environment. When an infection affects the tonsils, they become inflamed. Often, inflamed tonsils can become chronically enlarged. What are adenoids? Adenoids are lymphatic tissue, unl...
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