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Toxic chemicals

Pathogenic Biofilms: Unlocking Powerful Strategies for The Most Effective Treatment. Part 1

This article is dedicated to the treatment strategy for pathogenic biofilms that may be present in the body, starting from improving the body's condition, breaking down biofilms, cleansing the body from their remnants and toxins, eliminating possible infections caused by biofilms, and, finally, restoring healthy microflora to promote overall body health. All these stages are well known, but it's almost impossible to go through them without encountering various problems. This is due to both ...
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Cracking The PCOS Code: Revealing Causes, Symptoms, And Environmental Impact

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder affecting women of reproductive age. While PCOS can present differently, its impact on health and quality of life can be significant. It's important to recognize the signs and consequences of this condition to receive timely diagnosis and treatment. What symptoms indicate PCOS? PCOS is characterized by several main symptoms, including Irregular menstrual cycles or absence of menstruation.Elevated levels of ma...
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Debate on the Safety of MRI: With Contrast or Without?

If you have never heard of this before, you may think that the problem is made up. Trust me, I had the same feeling at first. After all, we all know that Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a relatively safe procedure that does not involve radiation. And yet, everything seems fine when it comes to examining things on an MRI. Let me make it clear: the problem is not with the MRI itself but with the contrast agent that is often used during this procedure. Like in many other cases, the elim...
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How To Clean Your House From Mold?

Also read: How to Check for and Eliminate Mold Intoxication It has long been known that the combination of mold illness and Lyme disease complicates treatment. But only now it has become clear that indoor mold complicates the treatment of any problem, even if the mold itself is not the primary cause of these problems. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? CIRS is now the term used for a disease caused by mold exposure. Let's list the possible symptoms of CIRS: V...
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How to Live a Fulfilling Life with Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is not just a skin problem. It is a condition that cannot be compared to other skin disorders because it has an autoimmune nature. Normally, healthy skin cells renew about once a month, but in psoriasis, skin cells rise too quickly and accumulate on top of each other. According to individuals living with psoriasis, their quality of life is comparable to those suffering from diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. These individuals often feel isolated and believe that nob...
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How to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

As of today, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide, affecting both women and men, although it occurs significantly less frequently in men. It's worth noting that in Canada, preventive screenings are only conducted for women aged 50 to 75. In men, breast cancer is typically detected either incidentally or when symptoms are reported. Let's take Canadian statistics as an example. Here are some figures: Breast cancer accounts for 25% of all cancer cases in the cou...
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Toxic Chemicals In Your Household

It is commonly believed that most pollution is found in industrial areas, near landfills and factories. While we can certainly avoid such places, most of our time is spent indoors, not in natural park areas. This accounts for approximately 90% of our entire lives. For the majority of people, work, education, meals, and sleep all take place within enclosed spaces. These are areas where the air is not refreshed but rather circulates. This is especially relevant now, as many people are not eve...
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