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Unlock the Mystery of Microbial Biofilms in Chronic and Recurrent Infections

Likely, you are familiar with situations where an illness proves difficult to treat. For instance, a person consults a doctor, who prescribes an antibiotic, but the problem only temporarily subsides, only to return later. Subsequent attempts to use a broader spectrum of antibiotics also prove ineffective. Sometimes, after treatment, the situation even worsens. All of this can lead to a loss of faith in medicine and even self-medication or seeking help from traditional healers. In reality...
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What is the Most Effective Approach to Treating Chronic Lyme Disease?

You can find an article with information about Lyme disease at this link: "Chronic Lyme can look like a lot of illnesses." Once I first heard this phrase from Dr. Klinghardt: Lyme doesn't create specific problems on its own, Lyme simply opens the doors to all other issues. These can include toxins, various infections, allergic reactions, and other problems. Now, I often repeat this phrase myself. This article is dedicated to describing the approach to treating chronic Lyme disease. Ho...
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Glutathione: Your Ultimate Body’s Defense Against Infections and Toxins

Glutathione is an important antioxidant that performs several vital functions in the body. It protects cells from oxidative stress, helps detoxify harmful substances, and supports the immune system. Maintaining a normal level of glutathione is crucial for overall health and organ function. In some cases, additional support for glutathione may be necessary through diet or specialized supplements. In certain situations, introducing additional glutathione into the body can help address many...
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Debate on the Safety of MRI: With Contrast or Without?

If you have never heard of this before, you may think that the problem is made up. Trust me, I had the same feeling at first. After all, we all know that Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a relatively safe procedure that does not involve radiation. And yet, everything seems fine when it comes to examining things on an MRI. Let me make it clear: the problem is not with the MRI itself but with the contrast agent that is often used during this procedure. Like in many other cases, the elim...
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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 2)

How to resolve infertility naturally? It is a natural occurrence that when you are not in optimal health, it becomes challenging to conceive a child. This cannot even be considered infertility; it is your body's way of indicating that it may not be the best time for procreation. Here, I will list some solutions that can help address this issue without resorting to expensive procedures of artificial fertilization. Nutrients needed for conception and pregnancy Many nutrients are...
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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 1)

Infertility is a prevalent issue worldwide, and 1 in 6 individuals globally experience infertility, according to the World Health Organization. However, I want to discuss not only infertility but also the importance of checking the health of prospective parents in advance, even before addressing infertility. Even if there is no infertility issue, if we want to reduce the number of special needs children, the first thing to do is to screen prospective mothers and help them address health iss...
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Why Does Modern Medicine Not Always Help People?

Many would agree with me that medicine has changed significantly over the past decades. Doctors have stopped approaching patients' problems individually and now only listen to the patient for a few minutes, whereas in the past, the initial visit could last an hour or more. Previously, a doctor could make a house call if a patient was feeling unwell, but now patients have to wait for hours in the hospital queue, even if they can barely stand and are on the verge of losing consciousness. O...
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Strategies To Prevent Gout Flare-Ups: Practical Solutions For Lasting Relief

There is no person who hasn't heard of gout. However, people often don't know that they are at risk of this condition, and it can happen to them at any moment. Hospital admissions after a wild party with friends are particularly common. But let's delve into this issue in more detail and understand why it happens at such moments, even if a predisposition to gout is genetic. What is Hyperuricemia? Hyperuricemia is an elevated level of uric acid in the blood. This condition can remain as...
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Why is it important to cleanse the body of toxins

What is detox? Detox is the process of mobilizing the body's resources to eliminate toxins. Whether they are metallic or non-metallic, detoxification can be done independently or under the guidance of a specialist. However, specific health issues in the body can hinder the detoxification process. What is chelation? Chelation involves the use of unique chemical compounds to remove metals from the body. It is not effective in eliminating non-metal toxins. Nonetheless, chelation can...
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