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Are You Tired Of Chronic Nasal Congestion?

Quite often, people complain not about a bacterial infection of the sinuses but about some strange sore throat and morning nasal congestion, which goes away for a while, and all this is accompanied by entirely unrelated symptoms: fatigue, headaches, and mood swings. In this case, an allergy can be diagnosed, and maybe even an allergen can be detected. But I was surprised that, for some reason, someone began to experience headaches less often or more often and felt less tired when treating n...
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What is the best test to check the level of mold contamination in your home?

There are currently no officially recognized tests available. This gap prevents you from knowing the condition of the house you intend to live in. It would be much simpler if, when renting or buying a house, we could request a document indicating the level of mold contamination in the building. Similarly, when sending your child to school or daycare, it would be wonderful to know more about the quality of the environment they will be in. Unfortunately, experimental tests are currently in us...
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Why are children more vulnerable to biotoxins?

The modern generation of children spends more time indoors than any previous generation. Remember your own childhood; going outside was always a joy for us. We had friends, games, and couldn't be dragged back home in winter or summer. Now you can't even persuade children to leave the house! It's no longer a punishment when you say, "Don't go outside today!" It's exactly what children want - not to go anywhere and sit in front of their phone, computer, tablet, or television screen. But th...
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How To Clean Your House From Mold?

Also read: How to Check for and Eliminate Mold Intoxication It has long been known that the combination of mold illness and Lyme disease complicates treatment. But only now it has become clear that indoor mold complicates the treatment of any problem, even if the mold itself is not the primary cause of these problems. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? CIRS is now the term used for a disease caused by mold exposure. Let's list the possible symptoms of CIRS: V...
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Allergic Rhinitis And Nasal Polyps

I myself had allergic rhinitis for many years. I was able to gain control over my condition without medication. The problem is gone, and the allergy has disappeared. I didn't treat the allergy; I simply detoxified my body, adjusted my diet, changed my lifestyle, and used supplements. Gradually, the allergy season became shorter, and I had seasonal allergies from August until the first snowfall. My experience proves that the problem can be completely resolved, but it is a lengthy and meticul...
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