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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 2)

How to resolve infertility naturally? It is a natural occurrence that when you are not in optimal health, it becomes challenging to conceive a child. This cannot even be considered infertility; it is your body's way of indicating that it may not be the best time for procreation. Here, I will list some solutions that can help address this issue without resorting to expensive procedures of artificial fertilization. Nutrients needed for conception and pregnancy Many nutrients are...
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Common reasons for infertility and how to solve them (part 1)

Infertility is a prevalent issue worldwide, and 1 in 6 individuals globally experience infertility, according to the World Health Organization. However, I want to discuss not only infertility but also the importance of checking the health of prospective parents in advance, even before addressing infertility. Even if there is no infertility issue, if we want to reduce the number of special needs children, the first thing to do is to screen prospective mothers and help them address health iss...
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Toxic Chemicals In Your Household

It is commonly believed that most pollution is found in industrial areas, near landfills and factories. While we can certainly avoid such places, most of our time is spent indoors, not in natural park areas. This accounts for approximately 90% of our entire lives. For the majority of people, work, education, meals, and sleep all take place within enclosed spaces. These are areas where the air is not refreshed but rather circulates. This is especially relevant now, as many people are not eve...
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