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Pathogenic Biofilms: Unlocking Powerful Strategies for The Most Effective Treatment. Part 2

In the first part, we discussed therapies that can assist in treating pathogenic biofilms, most of which should be conducted in a specially equipped office and administered by a competent specialist. In the second part, we will consider therapies that can be performed at home, although they often involve prescription medications. Where Else Are Biofilms Found? Those familiar with the primary stages of treating mold toxicity may notice familiar steps in treating pathogenic biofilms. Ho...
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Basic principles of eye care to reduce the risk of vision loss

Vision loss has a significant impact on the life of every individual. It affects self-esteem, social isolation, and relationships with loved ones. Almost anyone may be forced to change their job, lose their regular income, be unable to drive, and participate in their usual daily life if this event suddenly strikes them. Vision loss always leads to disability, and many of us hope it won't happen to us but take any action to prevent it. While vision can disappear in a day, the actual pr...
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