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Long Covid

Living With MCAS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Modern Therapies

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) is a chronic condition in which mast cells in the body become excessively activated. This leads to the release of numerous chemical substances that can cause diverse symptoms affecting various systems of the body. What are Mast Cells? Understanding the role of mast cells in the body helps explain the variety of MCAS symptoms and the need for a comprehensive approach to treating this condition. Mast cells, or mastocytes, are specialized white blo...
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Long Covid: What Is It And How To Deal With It?

Long COVID: What is it and how to deal with it? So, you've either had COVID or been exposed to it. And for some reason, months later, you're experiencing memory lapses, forgetting words, old illnesses are flaring up, and you're feeling unusually fatigued. You might think it's just fatigue that's accumulated over the past two years. But it could be long COVID. What is Long COVID? This is what everyone now calls the problems that arise after recovering from COVID. They can also occur...
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